Roula Bakis

VP Managing Partner / Space Planning Design & Project Management at Bel-Air Properties

  • Agent License: 9558936
  • Service Areas: Massachusetts
  • Specialties: Residential Real Estate, New Construction, Additions, Pre-sale Prep

About Roula Bakis

Roula specializes in Residential Sales and holds a BA of Environmental Design and brings with her over 20 years of design. She alsooffers Space planning and Project management for New Builds, Additions and Modifications to new and existing homes. She works closely with clients and builders to ensure a smooth process and clear communication.

Originally from North Carolina, her innate sense of hospitality brings a warmth and a level of integrity to her client relationships that put all inhibitions to rest. As a working mom of three little boys, she brings with her an intuitive understanding of the dynamic family. This perspective allows her to truly connect with her clients and help them prioritize their needs and wants. If you are looking for a detailed and resourceful partner to assist you in your property search/build – look no further.

Roula’s ability to contribute in many areas of the real estate business makes her an integral part of Bel-Air Properties. Roula is also fluent in Greek and donates her design talents to many local community projects.

“The first question everyone asks me is, don’t you miss design? My creativity does in fact come into play, parlaying it effectively when trying to get a sense of my client and the type of home they are looking for. And an empty home and a blank canvas has more in common than what initially meets the eye. Being a creative person, I can help my clients visualize what can be. I’m not an interior decorator, but I think I have some pretty great ideas. I share my ideas and then take a step back. If they want more I am there for them. I have a particular affinity for finding the hidden gems and love watching them turn into the masterpieces I envisioned from the start.

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    Language: english, greek, entry level spanish

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